Monday, September 13, 2010

What the Pros (and the humans) know... Boise State Edition

Have you checked the rankings after this weekend's games? Who's still up there at #3?

Boise State!

I'm still high on the Broncos. I was even planning a road trip to Las Cruces, NM to see them play New Mexico State on Oct. 2nd (until I remembered I have prior obligations). That's the closest they'll come to the my hometown this season, unless of course they make it to the National Championship game in Glendale (but even then, tickets are expensssive). Anyways, so I've yet to watch a Broncos game in person.

Moving on...

I was so counting on Virginia Tech to make an impressive run at the ACC Conference Title and completely vindicate my belief (not to mentions countless others around the country) that Boise State is legit. Instead, Tech loses to some school, whose name no one would remember if they hadn't just upset the #13 team in the country, and now all the headlines (besides the ones in Harrisonburg, Virginia - Home of the James Madison University somethings) are talking about how big of a hit this is to the Boise State Broncos.

Yet somehow, the AP Poll (hereafter referred to as the writers) and the USA Today Poll (the coaches poll) both still rank Boise State as #3. That's because they've seen the Broncos play. A lot of people are talking about how Boise State is all of a sudden not good, because they team they beat lost to a FCS school. To those saying such things I ask: But did you watch the game? Who cares who loses to who after they lose to Boise State. Did you watch Boise State play? They were impressive. Their Defense pressured the QB and flew to the ball. They've got great talent at the skill positions, and Kelen Moore is solid. And the writers and the coaches across the country know this. That's why they still voted Boise State #3 in the country (granted they did lose 6 or 7 of their #1 votes). Just keep watching and they'll make you a believer too.

The problem now will come when the BCS rankings come out in 6 weeks. The BCS rankings, in addition to coaches' and other real people's votes, includes the computers' calculations. This, unfortunatley, is where so-and-so losing to so-and-so after losing to Boise State does matter. Fortunately, there's still a lot of football left to go this season. Virginia Tech still looks poised to make a run at a conference championship. Boise State still has a few tough games against teams that matter (i.e. Oregon State), and the humans that get to vote on the BCS rankings them play still have 12 games left to be impressed.

Admittedly, chances of getting into the top game are all but gone. But I still see Boise State at the top, playing in another BCS bowl game in January.

Thanks for reading.

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Jake said...

How is Oregon State a legit team? They always finish around the middle to bottom of the (getting progessively weaker) Pac-10.

Fiery Jack said...

I called them a tough team... not "legit."

Have you seen OSU play? They looked good against TCU last week. The Rodgers brothers do pretty well at running back and receiver, and Katz showed a lot of improvement over last season, I though.

And Oregon State has been 3rd in the Pac10 the last 4 years.

And as an opinion, I don't think the Pac10 is getting "progressively weaker." At least not this year. The conference is loaded with QB talent. And they've got 4 or 5 teams in the top 25 right now (depending on which poll you're looking at).