Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Denard Robinson

After 2 weeks of college football play, Michigan's Denard Robinson leads the league in rushing yards...

...He's their quarterback.

Now, I'm not gonna say the H-word yet (Heisman), because we're only 2 weeks in, but I just wanted to highlight the fact that this guy is amazing. Last week he broke the school record for all-purpose yards for a QB in one game. He had 258 rushing and 244 passing for a grand total of 502 yards... most teams don't even put up that much offense in a game. Did Tim Tebow ever put up that kind of a game? No, actually, he never did... I checked.

So... on second thought, I am gonna say it. This guy's my [early] favorite for Heisman. Michigan is 2-0, and if they (he) keep this up, he's a shoe in for the trophy.

Go Blue!


Chad said...

While I agree with your comments, I am going to stay with Kellen Moore. He has been consistent and performed well for the last two years and this year I believe he will only improve.

Jake said...

This guy is a stud. Watched the whole game (which is rare for a ND game bc they are generally super boring) and was impressed with his athleticism.
I am not much of a prophet but I am going to predict that having a QB that can not only pass accurately but can threaten the defense by running is going to catch on and be a requirement for future QBs. Programs should take notice how effective an athletic and fast QB can be.

Tony said...

Excellent post Mike! He has been amazing so far! The two teams they have played are not cupcakes either so i am excited. We will see if he can keep this kind of production up. Teams will now specifically gameplan to stop him, and shutting down one guy is do-able. However, when you have a QB that can run, you always have an extra blocker on the field! If he does not win the heisman this year he will be the favorite to win it next year as a junior. GO BLUE!