Monday, September 20, 2010

Mike's Top 25

I get very absorbed in the ranking system with college football. Every Sunday I get home from church and go straight to the laptop to see what the writers and the coaches think about who's still great and who impressed this weekend and who took a step back, etc...

Now, there have been 206 games played so far this college football season, which is plenty of football, as far as I'm concerned, to be able to get a feel for who's hot and who's not. I haven't seen quite all those games, but thanks to my friend ESPN3, I've seen a mighty lot of them (now if I could just talk my wife into letting me get cable and dvr). Watching all the games I've watched, I've come up with my own opinions, my own take on who should be at the top. For instance, after checking out this week's rankings, I was disappointed that Florida is still as high up as they are.

Anyways, we're gonna move on...

Here's this week's Top 25 as decided by Mike:

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Oregon
4. Boise State
5. TCU
6. Nebraska
7. Arkansas
8. Texas
9. Oklahoma
10. Stanford
11. South Carolina
12. Arizona
13. Wisconsin
14. Auburn
15. Utah
16. Miami (FL)
17. LSU
18. Iowa
19. Florida
20. West Virginia
21. Michigan
22. Penn State
23. Oklahoma State
24. Oregon State
25. Nevada

So there you have it. If you got beef with that, let's hear it... and then I'll defend my answers. But right now, I'm tired and don't feel like explaining some of my picks.

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