Monday, September 28, 2009

Upset Update

Alright, it was a rough week in college football, and let's start with telling you who got upset...


All the teams I like, and wanted to win, lost. And all the teams that should have won lost. It was rough.

Let's start with those 5 games I was looking forward to:

Indiana @ Michigan - I've got mixed feelings about this game, but overall I'm happy about it. It was a rainy day in Ann Arbor, rather dull really. The 3rd quarter could be described the same way. But the 4th quarter was exciting! With 9:15 left, Michigan drove the ball down the field and Tate Forcier flew (literally) into the endzone on a seven yard run. He went airborn over the defender and was carried into the endzone by his teammate. The 2-point conversion went about the same, with Forcier going up and being pushed across the goal line while in the air. Michigan 29-26. In less than two minutes though, Indiana broke through on an 85 yd TD run to go back up 33-29. The final Michigan drive was epic, as Tate Forcier led the Wolverines to a second come-from-behind win.

See the highlight film HERE (and don't forget to laugh at the fit the Indiana coach throws at the end)

California @ Oregon - No mixed feelings about this one, I was disappointed. Final score: Cal 3, Oregon 42. This wasn't just an upset, this was a blowout. Cal didn't even show up. I mentioned last week that the Ducks would be looking to live up to their pre-season expectations... well, they did. They've even got themselves in the Top 25 now.

Florida @ Kentucky - I'm gonna say i was partly right about this game. The Gators came out swinging. End of first quarter: Gators up 31 - 0. The slowed down after that, finishing with a 41-7 win after Tebow got knocked out (literally) in the 3rd quarter. He was able to walk off the field, but ended up being taken to the hospital in an ambulance and staying there for the night. I hear he'll be back and ready for LSU in two weeks (they're off next week). They'll need him too, LSU is looking like a solid team so far.

Arizona State @ Georgia - Did you know they weren't even showing this game on regular cable? You had to have ESPNU to watch it. Well, we worked it out so we could watch it, and I'm glad we did. It showed me a lot about my Sun Devils. The second half was great, especially the 2 minutes where ASU went from being down 14-3 to being up 14-17. Jarrell Holman's interception return for a touchdown was amazing! And I'm not just saying that because he's a Sun Devil. In the end, it was missed opportunities (and a missed field goal) that I think cost us the game, but I'm still glad I got to watch it. Look for a separate post about my favorite team's Saturday performance later today; I've got a lot more to say about ASU.

Miami @ Virginia Tech - I almost don't want to talk about this game, but you've got to give Virginia Tech credit. They ran all over the Hurricanes. It was embarrassing. It was one of those games that you just want to turn off, but you leave it on thinking that it just has to get better - it can't possibly get worse - but things never get better. From start to finish the Hurricanes looked terrible. I take that back... they came out of the locker room at half-time and put up a great TD drive that looked like they were ready to play, but it was just a facade. It was a rainy day (I think it was raining across the entire East Coast/Southeast - every game over there was rainy this week), and Miami could NOT tackle. It was worse than a High School football game. It was like they forgot how to tackle. I was pretty embarrassed, but watched till the end. Really I don't think Miami's that bad of a team, and I think they'll bounce back. It was just rough watching them go down 31-7 like that.

Real quickly - A few other disappointing games/upsets from this week:
South Carolina over #4 Mississippi 16-10 - Ole Miss couldn't get any offense going. It was rough to watch.
South Florida over #18 Florida St. 17-7 - S. Florida might actually be a good team. They sure looked like it against Florida St.
Iowa over #5 Penn State 21-10 - When I watched Iowa beat Arizona 2 weeks ago, I thought they looked good, but everyone said it was only because it was Arizona they were playing. But I was right.
Stanford over #24 Washington 34-14 - Maybe WA was only ranked because they beat USC on a USC off-night, but still, you shouldn't turn around and lose to Stanford. Maybe I only consider this an upset because it has Pac10 implications though.

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