Thursday, September 24, 2009

Games to Watch

Only 2 days until Saturday! Even with school starting and keeping me busy, it seems like the weeks get longer during college football season. There's 6 long days between saturdays. But this week's almost up, and Saturday's gonna be exciting!

Here's the games that I'm excited about this week:

Indiana @ #23 Michigan, 12:00 PM ET - I just like watching Michigan play. They've looked good so far this season, and I'm watching to see if they can continue that trend. If nothin else, I'm a Michigan fan and Just want to see this game.

#6 California @ Oregon, 3:30 PM ET - California opens their PAC-10 play against the Oregon Ducks and it should be a great game to watch. The Golden Bears are looking to run the table, while the Ducks are anxious to get back into the mix. They were expecting to put up a better argument for themselves this season and it hasn't looked that way yet, so they'll be fighting hard. California's top receiver, Boatang, is still out injured, but it's not like that slowed them down much last week.

#1 Florida @ Kentucky, 6:00 PM ET - Let me tell you why I'm excited about this game, and it's not because I'm just jumping on the Gator Bandwagon. I'm curious to see how bad Florida whips Kentucky. kentucky has been gearing up the defense, but I'm not sure how much it'll matter. After last week's too-close-for-comfort game against Tennesse, you better believe Urban Meyer has got his team, especially his offense, ready for this game, and he's not gonna hold much back. Florida is supposed to be a superior team, but last week, they merely looked good. This week they'll be trying to show that dominance again.

ASU @ #21 Georgia, 7:00 PM ET - ASU's my home team, of course I'm looking forward to watching this game. And they've got some exciting players that are fun to watch; Omar Bolden ran the opening kick-off back for a TD last week, Kyle Williams has been getting a lot of touches and he's quick and fun to watch, and Mike Nixon is a strong defensive force. They may not beat the Bulldogs, but it'll be a great game to watch.

And the game I'm most excited about this week is...

#9 Miami (FL) @ #11 Virginia Tech, 3:30 PM ET - Virginia Tech has been known for a strong defense, though it hasn't really shown up yet this season. If it does, it'll be a close game. Otherwise, I'm afraid Miami will have the edge. Virginia Tech can score, but Miami can SCORE. Go 'Canes!

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