Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have you seen this?

I think this guy must be joking. Well, actually, he wasn't, because he actually sent the e-mail and everything. but still... Really?

Kelly Responds to Invoice With $439 Refund

I've gone to plenty of sporting events and watched my team lose. I've even gone to games where my team didn't just lose, but looked completely talentless doing it. Buying a ticket for a sporting event isn't like buying a new tv or a new laptop. There's no "satisfaction-or-your-money-back guarantee." If it doesn't work out for you, too bad. You're not guaranteed a win from your team just because you went to the game. Deal with it.

Even still, I understand that a lot of coaches get these e-mails from disgruntled fans. I'm actually kinda surprised that Coach Kelly responded to it. Do I agree with Tony Seminary that it showed class on Kelly's part? Not really. In fact I'm not sure what Kelly might have been thinking. Depression? Responsibility? Was the loss that disheartening to him that he wanted to start passing out his money? I'll take some. Hey Kelly, you're the head coach of a Division I football program. You don't have to answer to a disgruntled fan who's got buyers remorse for going to a game and watching his team lose. Your job is to forget about it and move on.

Moving on... I'm not really that passionate about it. I just thought the whole exchange was kinda interesting. And the website this article quoted from,, is whack; maybe it's your cup of tea, but I won't be bookmarking it. Maybe I don't get the humor. Or something.



Jake said...

You should write about the whole overrating of BYU and the Mountain West conference. Why are average teams who are in weak conferences allowed to be in the rankings because they can run the table? I would like to know what kind of record these teams would have playing in the SEC, ACC or PAC-10 for that matter.
sorry just venting

Connie said...

the overrating of BYU when they beat arguably the best team in the Big 12? Thats pushing it. Or when Boise State beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl? Or when Utah beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last year? I agree that it is easier for these teams to run the table in their conference but you can't disrespect them when they are beating the big boys too. And i'm not biased, i am a Michigan fan.


Fiery Jack said...

Well Jake, I was going to write about that for you, but Tony pretty well covered all the evidence I had.